Real Time Bidding (RTB) in Kevel


In order to configure RTB inside Kevel, you will first need access to Kevel Relay and a commercial relationship with a demand partner. To get started with Kevel Relay, please reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success contact.

How does RTB work in Kevel?

Ads in Kevel can make requests to third party Demand Partners as part of the Ad Decision Request process.

How do Ads make requests to Demand Partners?

Ads make requests to Demand Partners based on RTB specific configuration parameters known as "RTB Custom Fields and/or Bidder Parameters".

RTB Custom Fields are available on the Ad as well as the Advertiser, though they are not available by default or to every Ad or Advertiser.

What Ads/Advertisers have RTB Custom Fields?

During the creation of the Advertiser in the UI you can select a single Demand Partner for which they will be associated. This Advertiser and any: Campaign, Flight or Ad created under it will be "RTB Enabled". As a result the UI will show RTB Custom Fields when you create or edit the Advertiser or any Ad that belongs to it.

What is the purpose of RTB Custom Fields?

The RTB Custom Fields are where the configuration for requests made between Kevel and the Demand Partner reside. This includes not only configuration for making a request (endpoint, timeout, etc) but also the specific configuration of the Demand Partner's system -- essential information for receiving Bid Responses.