If you're a single publisher (versus a network of publishers), we recommend using only three Sites: Web, iOS, Android. You can also use just one if you'd like.


Sites are useful for differentiating between different websites (domains, sub-pages), as well as different platforms. For instance, having a site for Web, iOS, and Android lets you target each with different ads and targeting parameters.

Or, you may own a network of sites, and you want to separate by "Recipes.com", "All Recipes", etc.


All new Kevel accounts created after April 5, 2017 include three sites by default:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

You can create additional sites or remove these if you like.


Our full list of Site API endpoints can be found here.


Site Zones

Zones allow you to target flights and creatives to a specific areas of a site. To learn how to set them up and utilize them, refer to the Zones section.

Adding a Site with API

Please refer to our Create Site endpoint.

Adding a Site with UI

  1. Click Inventory --> Sites
  2. Click New Site in top left
  3. Input the Website Title and the URL
  4. Save

Adding a Site to a Channel

By default, you have an "All Sites" channel, which contain all sites. If you create a new site, the site is automatically added to All Sites. However, you can delete any site within this Channel. When a Site is created, it is given a default Channel Priority (or Affinity) of 10

To tie a Site to a Channel with the API, use the Channel Site Maps endpoint.

To add a Site to a Channel in the UI:

  1. Go to Inventory --> Channels
  2. Click Sites on far right of the Channel
  3. Click "Add a Site to this Channel" in top left
  1. Pick the pre-created Site and give a Channel Priority (also known as Affinity)


A Site's Channel Priority, also known as Affinity, are different from the Priorities of a Channel. They are used when a Site is in multiple Channels, and you want to set up rules to prioritize traffic from one Channel over another. For instance, if Site 123 has an affinity of 1 (highest) in Channel Finance, but an affinity of 10 in Channel Politics, Kevel will prioritize ads from Finance first. Use "1-100" as the range.

  1. Save


If you have a site across multiple Channels, make sure to set DIFFERENT Channel Priorities for the different channels. Otherwise, the ad decision engine won't know what to serve, and the site will receive no ads.

Editing a Site with API

Please refer to our Update Sites endpoint.

Editing a Site with UI

If you want to change the Name or URL:

  1. Go to Inventory --> Sites
  2. Click the pencil to the right

If you want to change the Channel Priority of the site within a Channel:

  1. Go to Inventory --> Channels
  2. Click on Sites on the far right of the Channel
  3. Click on the pencil for the respective Site