Server to Server Conversion Tracking


If a user is a Decision API client (firing impression and click urls server-to-server) the pixel method does not work because Kevel is not dropping a cookie at time of ad request. Instead, the user needs to make a server-to-server call when the conversion event is triggered.



To enable server conversion tracking in the Kevel UI, go to the Flight's General Settings page and click the Track Conversions checkbox next to Rate and Price.

To enable server conversion tracking using the Kevel API, set the IsTrackingConversions value to TRUE.

Enabling If Conversion Event is On Your Site

  1. Add the macro of ?conv=%conversionid% to the Click URL when Setting up a Creative , such as, This generates a GUID like

  2. In the Decision API Response, the GUID will be included in the clickURL field. Save this GUID and keep it tied to the user. Options include:
    a. Storing it on a cookie.
    b. Tying it to a persistent ID and storing in a database.
    c. Persisting the conv=GUID in the URL.

  3. Once the user has made a conversion, the user needs to use the GET API call for the endpoint shown below, and then append the GUID from the original click. Because the GUID is tied to a specific ad, the endpoint is pinged, and Kevel registers a conversion for that ad and adds it to reporting. The GUID does not have an expiration date.

The endpoint is: https://e-{networkId}{GUID}



The conversion macro does not unfurl until after the click is called, therefore, a user is unable to retrieve the conversionId from the response itself - only from the clickURL.

Enabling If Conversion Event is On Advertiser's Site

Server-to-server conversion tracking works the same as above, however, this requires an advertiser to perform steps 2 and 3 in their system. This is not a turn-key setup for the advertiser.

Additional Parameters

Some additional parameters that can be appended to the endpoint are:

  • override: replaces the revenue value of the conversion (f.e. appending ?override=1.23 would set the revenue to $1.23)
  • additional: adds the specified value to the original revenue value of the conversion (f.e. appending ?additional=1.23 would add $1.23 to the original revenue for the conversion)
curl -g