Server to Server Conversion Tracking


If you're a Decision API client (firing impression and click urls server-to-server) the pixel method won't work because Kevel isn't dropping a cookie at time of ad request. Instead, you'll need to make a server-to-server call when the conversion event is triggered.

Enabling If Conversion Event is On Your Site

  1. Add the macro of ?conv=%conversionid% to the Click URL when Setting up a Creative , such as, This will generate a GUID like

  2. In the Decision API Response, you'll see the GUID in the clickURL field. Save this GUID and keep it tied to the user. Options include:
    a. Storing it on a cookie
    b. Tying it to a persistent ID and storing in a database
    c. Persisting the conv=GUID in the URL

  3. Once the user has made a conversion, you need to GET the below endpoint and append the GUID from the original click. As the GUID is tied to a specific ad, when you ping the endpoint, Kevel will register a conversion for that ad and add it to reporting.

The endpoint is: https://e-{networkId}{GUID}


Note that the conversion macro will not unfurl until after the click is called. Therefore you will not be able to get the conversionId from the response itself - only from the clickURL.

Enabling If Conversion Event is On Advertiser's Site

Server-to-server conversion tracking works the same as above. However, it does require the Advertiser having to do steps #2 and #3 in their system, so it will not be a turnkey set-up for them.

Additional Parameters

Some additional parameters you could append to the endpoint are:

  • override: replaces the revenue value of the conversion (f.e. appending ?override=1.23 would set the revenue to $1.23)
  • additional: adds the specified value to the original revenue value of the conversion (f.e. appending ?additional=1.23 would add $1.23 to the original revenue for the conversion)
curl -g