Using the Relay UserSync Script

User Syncing, sometimes called Cookie Syncing is an important part of targeting advertising on the web. Each advertising platform tracks it's own information about each user that uses one of their publishers. They track this information on their servers, and leave a cookie on the users browser (that only they can access) identifying the user in their system. Sometimes, different ad platforms want to share certain information about a user, and to do that, they need to tell each other what their ID is for the user they're both trying to share information about. This sharing is done through a process called User Syncing. This is beneficial since for the advertisers because they gain more information about users, and it's beneficial for publishers because it lead to more valuable placements being selected by advertisers.

Often, a publisher has to include some code on their site to call each configured partners user syncing endpoint, with their specific integration information. This can be tedious and prone to breaking, so make this process easier, Relay includes an endpoint that can be called as a script on a publishers page that will handle user syncing with all configured partners.

An example script tag is included with the relevant endpoint. Remember to include the account_id to ensure proper matching.

  <script src="<publisher_account_id>" type="text/javascript"></script>