Deals in Kevel

Private Marketplace Deals (PMP)

In programmatic advertising, a private marketplace (PMP) deal refers to a private, invitation-only auction where publishers offer their ad inventory to a select group of advertisers. Unlike open auctions, PMP deals are exclusive and restricted to a specific set of buyers. Advertisers in a PMP deal typically have a closer relationship with the publisher and negotiate terms such as pricing, ad placements, and targeting options. This type of arrangement allows for more control and transparency between publishers and advertisers, fostering a more tailored and premium advertising environment.

To start creating a Deal, you will need access to a supply side platform (SSP). Inside that supply side platform, you will create the deal and generate a DealID.

Once you’ve created the DealID, you can store it in the Kevel UI under your Ad’s “Additional RTB Settings” field.

Lets now update the additional settings to include a PMP deal. We can utilize the OpenRTB Specificiation for a PMP Object as reference for what can be included in the PMP object. Here we learn that PMP objects contain Deal Objects and reside in the Imp Object. So we adjust our settings to mirror the spec in exactly this way.

  "$openrtb_replacements": {  
    "imp": \[{  
        "pmp": {  
            "deals": [  
                {"id": "My Deal Id"}  


In creating a deal, we modify the imp object. A Kevel Ad entity always corresponds to exactly one imp. Setting more than one imp object in the imp array will result in unexpected behavior.

Programmatic Guaranteed (PG)

A programmatic guaranteed deal is a direct and exclusive arrangement between advertisers and publishers. It involves a pre-negotiated commitment where advertisers secure a fixed amount of ad inventory at a predetermined price. While a programmatic guaranteed deal also uses DealIDs, unlike a PMP it guarantees the delivery of a specified number of impressions, and offers fixed pricing. It provides advertisers with more control, predictability, and a direct relationship with the publisher.

To set up a programmatic guaranteed deal, you will need to create a deal and generate your dealID from inside your SSP. While the Deal is created inside the SSP, all of the pacing and decisioning will happen inside the ad server (Kevel).

For each Programmatic Guaranteed placement, you will need to create a new flight and ad. The flight and ad should have a 1:1 relationship. Under the flight, you’ll configure your delivery goals to correspond with the fixed amount of impressions you have sold.

You can do this by setting “Impressions” as the Goal Type under the flight settings. Here, you will enter in the impression quantity that you agreed to with your advertiser.

Under the ad, make sure to include the DealID that you created inside the SSP using the Additional RTB Settings field. Under the ad, you can also set a bid floor based on your agreed upon CPM with your buyer to ensure that this won’t be serving below that price.


Note: You will need to call the Kevel impression pixel to make sure your impression goal is being tracked and delivered against