Developer Tools Overview

Kevel loves our customer developers, and we're committed to building lots of great tools to help you utilize our platform in your own applications. For now our main two tools are the Decision SDKs and Management SDKs.

Decision Software Development Kits

The Kevel Decision SDKs include everything developers need to use our Decision and UserDB APIs from within your own application. From ad decision requests and custom event pixels to user interest and custom properties, we've got you covered.

Decision SDKs

Management Software Development Kits

The Kevel Management SDKs include methods for creating campaigns, flights, and ads, managing your inventory, and reporting on your ad serving metrics. You can use these libraries from within your own backend application, inside scripts, integrating with other systems, or to build your own custom user interface.

Management SDKs

API Documentation

We have extensive endpoint by endpoint documentation for all of our many APIs. Each endpoint has code samples in multiple languages to get you started.

API Documentation

Decision Explainer UI

The Decision Explainer UI is a handy standalone tool for visually debugging why your ad request is returning a specific response. It goes into great detail to say why each candidate ad was filtered out, selected, or not selected.

Decision Explainer UI

Additional Tools

We are constantly building tools, guides, sample code, and reusable widgets on our SDKs and platform. If you have ideas or needs, please let us know!