Flight Frequency Capping


When you set up frequency capping, you set the maximum number of times a given flight or creative can be displayed to any particular person in a particular time period.

The flight frequency cap will apply to all the ads that belong to it


Set caps by hour, day, or minute. Max duration is 180 days, 168 hours, or 4400 minutes.

Overriding Flight Caps

There are several cases where the flight frequency cap can be overridden:

  • If the advertiser, campaign or ad frequency cap is stricter than the flight frequency cap
  • If the ad has the setting "Don't affect the parent frequency cap" enabled. This setting allows the object to ignore the frequency caps of objects above it

Setting Up with UI

Use the Frequency Capping section of the Configure Flight Settings page to set up frequency capping:

  1. Click the "Enable Frequency Capping" checkbox
  2. Enter how many times the flight should display, per a number of Hours or Days
  3. Save

Setting Up with API

Use the below parameters in the Create Flight request.

Set to true. If false or null, then the below fields are ignored
The number of times that you would like the frequency cap to occur
How often the frequency cap should occur
Which unit of time you would like frequency capping to occur. Key:
1 = Hour
2 = Day
Optional. If true, opts-it out of frequency cap settings imposed at advertiser or campaign level


To understand frequency capping, use this formula: Display this advertiser {{FreqCap}} times per {{FreqCapDuration}} {{FreqCapType}}. For instance: Display this advertiser 3 times per 6 hours

Here's an example request for a Create Flight request with frequency cap settings of 10 times per 1 day and which is opted-out of advertiser/campaign level caps.

  "GoalType": 1,
  "IsFreqCap": true,
  "FreqCap": 10,
  "FreqCapDuration": 1,
  "FreqCapType": 2,
  "DontAffectParentFreqCap": true

You can also update the caps with the Update Flights request.