Kochava Conversion Tracking


Kochava is a mobile analytics and attribution platform. You can integrate Kochava tracking into your creatives in order to track conversions through both Kochava and Kevel reporting.

Steps to Adding Kochava

  1. Before you can get started, you will need a Kochava account

  2. Create the Kochava campaign for the campaign you want to track in Kevel. If you have questions about getting started, contact Kochava support.

  3. Enter the landing page URL in Kochava as the ClickURL you would use for the creative in Kevel. For example, if your advertiser wants to track clicks through a URL like http://landon.me/page?id=1234, enter that as the landing page URL in Kochava

  4. For the conversion endpoint, enter the URL https://e-<networkId>.adzerk.net/conv/

  5. After that URL, add the Kochava macro for generating the Click ID

  6. Once Kochava installs the campaign (i.e. sets it live), you need to hit the install URL to confirm the installation. This template shows the data you need to add to the URL:

http://control.kochava.com/v1/cpi/startup?app_id=name-of-the-kochava-campaign&origination_ip=your IP&device_ua=user-agent-of-the-device-you-are-tracking&device_id=your-adzerk-user-key&device_os_version=

This link will give you your current user agent.

To generate and store user keys for your users, you will need to use UserDB.

  1. After confirming the install URL, you can generate the ClickURL to use in Kevel for your creatives. Replace the items in bold in this template:


When a user clicks on an ad that uses this ClickURL, we prime the user for counting conversions in Kevel and Kochava, we will count clicks in both Kochava and Kevel, and the user will be redirected to the destination URL.

If the user that clicks on the ad installs an app later, we will then count a conversion in both Kochava and Kevel.


This integration uses UserKeys to identify unique devices.