Ad Sizes / Types


Kevel supports Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sizes, as well as any custom dimensions you want to build.

The range of accepted ad sizes runs from 1px by 1px to 9999px by 9999px. The 0x0 ad size is reserved for Static Text Links.

Each unique dimension is associated with an AdTypeID, which is used in API requests.


For a full list of Ad Type API endpoints, click here.

Accessing Available Ad Types

In the API, you can LIST all available ad sizes with the List Ad Types (Networks) and List Ad Types (Channel) endpoints.

In the UI, these sizes can be accessed by going to Inventory --> Ad Sizes

Adding Custom Ad Sizes with API

Please refer to our Ad Types endpoints.

Adding Custom Ad Sizes with UI


Adding a Custom Ad Size is a TWO step process. You first have to create it, then enable it.

STEP 1: Create

  1. Go to Inventory --> Ad Sizes
  1. Click New Ad Size button in top left
  1. Enter the dimensions of your desired custom ad size into the Ad Width and Ad Height fields
  2. Save

STEP 2: Enable:

  1. Go to Inventory --> Channels
  2. Click on the Channel's name
  3. Under Ad Settings, enable the ad size
  4. Save

Misc Notes

  1. You can give a name to a custom AdTypes only if you create it via the API
  2. You cannot make two AdTypes that share the same dimension
  3. If you'd like to update the Name of an AdType, reach out to Support