Features in Beta


These new features are available for Beta testing in your account upon request. Please note that they have not been fully released to all customers, and so they may not be fully documented or fully supported. They may also be removed from Kevel at any time. If you are interested in testing them, please contact your account manager or Kevel support.


Flight Mass EditingEdit and activate/deactivate batches of flights at one time instead of individually.
Archive Campaigns and FlightsArchiving a campaign or a flight removes it from the list of campaigns in your account. This keeps your campaigns list tidy, displaying only the most relevant campaigns and flights.
Campaign Revenue PreviewsCampaign Revenue Previews shows a summary of the expected revenue for all the flights in a campaign on the campaigns page.

Ad Delivery

Goals on AdsGoals on Ads enable you to override a flight's delivery goals for a specific ad in that flight. You can set Impression, Percentage, Click, Conversion, Revenue (Beta), or Daily Revenue (Beta) goals for an ad.
Frequency Caps on AdsAd Frequency Caps extend the frequency capping feature currently available for flights to ads.
Campaign and Advertiser Frequency CapsCampaign and Advertiser Frequency Caps extend the frequency capping feature currently available for flights to campaigns and advertisers.
Proportionality LotteriesUsed with multi-winner placements, Proportionality Lotteries preserve relative proportions of share of view or share of voice between ads, and absolute share of view when possible. Overall, they achieve optimal allocation of inventory.


"Do Not Track" SettingsKevel offers several ways to be in compliance with users' "Do Not Track" requests, as specified by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Macro Placement for Third-Party TagsAutomatically add Kevel click tracking macros for recognized third-party tags.