Sponsored Playlists


Used by: Streaming music services
Example companies: Pandora, Spotify
What: Advertisers sponsor a music station/playlist. This could come in a couple forms:

  • Sponsoring a Playlist - Adidas could sponsor the already-created 'Hip Hop Workout Station' for a week. An audio ad could play before it starts, and their logo could be tied to the playlist
  • Creating a Playlist - Adidas could create its own playlist, like 'Adidas Run Mix', which is searchable when users are browsing for stations

Why: Advertisers love genre targeting, and it's a better user experience than display ads or a bombardment of audio ads
Common targeting: Genre/station, past behavior, location, demographic (user-given info)
Common tracked events: Impressions, listeners, time listened
Common platform models: Direct deals


sponsored playlists


Looking to add sponsored playlists to your site/app? Kevel's APIs provide the infrastructure to build what you see above. Reach out for more info.