Moat Tags


Moat tags are used for marketing analytics. For more information, visit their website.


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Setting Up Moat Tags in Creative

If you are serving a third-party creative, you should append the Moat tags after the Javascript or HTML5 tags in the same Kevel creative.

If you are serving a first-party image, you should host the image with Kevel and append the Moat tags afterwards in the same Kevel creative.

Inserting Macros for Levels and Slicers

Moat will send you instructions for which macros to attach to the tag's Levels and Slicers. These will correspond to different units in Kevel, but how you want to map these is up to you and Moat. A typical Kevel integration looks like this:

  • Level1: Advertiser ID
  • Level2: Ad ID
  • Level3: (N/A)
  • Level4: (N/A)
  • Slicer1: Site ID
  • Slicer2: Zone ID

Using this example, here are Moat tags with the macros included:

<noscript class="MOAT-account207343723525?moatClientLevel1={{ad.flight.AdvertiserId}}&amp;moatClientLevel2={{}}&amp;moatClientLevel3=_LINEITEM_&amp;moatClientLevel4=_CREATIVE_&amp;moatClientSlicer1={{}}&amp;moatClientSlicer2={{placement.zoneIds[0]}}"></noscript><script src="{{ad.flight.AdvertiserId}}&amp;moatClientLevel2={{}}&amp;moatClientLevel3=_LINEITEM_&amp;moatClientLevel4=_CREATIVE_&amp;moatClientSlicer1={{}}&amp;moatClientSlicer2={{placement.zoneIds[0]}}" type="text/javascript"></script>