Launch Checklist

Before you start monetizing with Relay, here is a checklist to ensure that you have your account and configuration set up properly

  • Signed commercial relationship with demand partners (refer to this list for supported partners and ad formats)
  • Set up inventory in demand partner with demand ready to bid (we recommend a house ad or test campaign that will always return a bid)
  • Set up ads.txt, sellers.json and/or app-ads.txt depending on how you are monetizing
  • Configured your demand partner and ads inside Kevel UI (get started guide)
    • Created RTB Advertiser with bidder endpoint and any other relevant demand partner fields (refer to this guide)
    • Created campaign and flight with assigned priority in the waterfall. For testing purposes, we recommend giving your RTB flight a high priority
    • Created RTB Ad with ad unit level identifiers for your demand partner (refer to this guide)
  • Set up User Syncing (optional - recommended for display ad units)
  • Appended SupplyChain object on your ADR (refer to this guide)
  • Passing GDPR consent string (if sending EU traffic) on ADR (GDPR guide)
  • Including standard fields on ADR like IP address, user agent, and domain