Performance metrics configuration


Beta product

This product is currently in beta. It may not be available to all Kevel customers, and features described may change before the product is generally available.

When setting up your self-serve tool, your Kevel account team will ask for information to help make the tool consistent with your brand's look and feel, your preferences about what data to expose to your advertisers, and your business rules for creating campaigns.

This includes information about what reporting metrics from the Kevel ad server to expose to your advertisers.

General performance metrics

Select among the following performance metrics to display to advertisers in tables and line graphs. We recommend including all metrics. Impressions and clicks must be included.

Optionally, you can also specify different lists of metrics for campaigns, flights, and ads. For example, you could choose to include Orders and ROAS when showing flight data, but exclude those metrics in connection to specific ads.

You may also choose to rename metrics as they appear to advertisers. For example, you could rename "Orders" to "Purchases".

Callout metrics

Select which of 3 metrics to display on the dashboard and individual campaign reports.

  • Impressions, clicks, and CTR (click-through rate) - best for top-of-funnel and awareness campaigns
  • Impressions, clicks, and ROAS (return on ad spend) - best for bottom-of-funnel campaigns

Reports page

Choose whether or not to include a reports page. The reports page gives your ability to see and export reports about performance on campaigns.

Campaign-specific metrics

If you choose to include campaign creation functionality in your Self-serve tool, you may wish to show advertisers a different set of reporting metrics for the campaigns they create via Self-serve.

If so, you can specify the following for each type of campaign your Self-serve tool supports:

  • Performance metrics
  • Callout metrics