General Self-serve configuration settings


Beta product

This product is currently in beta. It may not be available to all Kevel customers, and features described may change before the product is generally available.

When setting up your self-serve tool, your Kevel account team will ask for information to help make the tool consistent with your brand's look and feel, your preferences about what data to expose to your advertisers, and your business rules for creating campaigns.

This includes the following general settings about accessing your Self-serve tool.

URL subdomain

Your self-serve tool will be built at [URL-subdomain] Choose the subdomain of your choice.


If you'd like, your self-serve tool can appear within a subdomain of your URL, such as

Time zone

Pick a single time zone for your self-serve UI. Available time zones are listed here. This time zone will:

  • Apply to all advertiser users, regardless of their location.
  • Affect date cutoffs for reporting metrics and start and end dates for campaigns (if relevant)


Pick a single currency for your self-serve UI. This should be the same currency you use throughout all of your Kevel implementation. This currency will:

  • Apply to all advertiser users, regardless of their location.
  • Be used to display all currency-related values on dashboard and report pages.

Earliest query date

Optionally, you can pick a date before which advertisers will not be able to pull data. This is useful if your Kevel data only goes back to a certain time, or if data has been cleaned only up to a certain past date.

External link

Optionally, you can include a link for advertisers to access in the nav bar of your self-serve UI. This could be, for example, a link to your support page or another merchant portal.

If you'd like to include an external link, provide a URL and link name. The link name will be exposed to advertiser in the nav bar.